©Mohamed Abdelkarim, Epistles on knowledge engagement, 2016

For some people or at least for me, the first mental image it comes when we hear the word "knowledge"1 is [Book, Classroom, Intellectual encounter]. The three images reflect a traditional perception of Knowledge / Pedagogy / Education. Those three images reflect my subjective vision of knowledge.

If I proceed considering the three-phases of knowledge as three pedagogical forms indicating a three-state, it will be [Autonomy/Individuality] [Hierarchy model] [Conference]. It can also be interpreted as three art forms [Publication, Performance, Platform]. 

1 Confuse the English term "Knowledge" and the Arabic term "Îlm" which means: science, knowledge, learning, lore, information, scholarship, education, cognisance, awareness, acquaintance, familiarity, cognition, perception. 

"Epistles on knowledge engagement"

Mohamed Abdelkarim
May 2016