Tadbiqat, in Arabic, refers to implementation or application; to put into practice.

Tadbiqat is a performative project that brings together (and synthesizes across) lectures, debates, group (close) readings, critical responses, and creative quests—all of which originate from the intellectual and cultural surrounding specific to each artistic field of practice. The dynamic project consists of three notions: encounter, nomadism, and verbal processes.

This form of engagement is powerful insofar as it allows one to participate in collective endeavours across disciplines.

Tadbiqat will adopt a spatially-unfixed platform, being hosted in different venues and cities.

Verbal Processes
Most practices will depend on verbal processes and texts that will appear in low-budget publications.

The project aims to develop a more rigorous form of research and knowledge production by linking different disciplines (e.g., anthropology, sociology, philosophy, literature, film studies, etc.) and professions under the umbrella of “Art and Public Sphere.” This objective will be met by engaging in interactive dialogue, critical discussion, and workshops aimed at reducing the gap between art and the surrounding public sphere.