Art History vs Art History-Morocco edition in progress..

Art History vs Art History is a publication that reflects on two chapters of Luis Camnitzer book [Conceptualism in Latin American Art: Didactics of Liberation] 1- From Politics to identity, 2- And The History Unfitting.
The publication is proposing an implementation and a method of how we can write the history of Conceptual art as a strategy, rather than a style, focusing on Aestheticising the Conceptual gestures in the “post-colonial” era in Arab countries in general and North Africa in particular.
“It made me challenge the whole notion of art history, actually. Why were we seeing this, and not other stuff that might or might not be more if not more important in art history at least more revealing for what we as students were concerned with? It made me realise that art history is written in power centres and that the power centres determine what “Good” art is, and what is not. And the people are never asked about their opinion on that.
So art is a way of organising and acquiring knowledge, and not just making things. And most art schools, for me, are craft schools, or behaviour schools that is, you learn how to do things, and you learn how to behave like an artist.”
Luis Camnitzer on “Art Thinking” and Art History
In shade of Luis Camnitzer points: he the fact that art history is written by those in power, and tends to exclude certain accounts (including Latin America’s) from the canon around which the discipline organises itself.

The publication attempts to come up with a draft of each contributor as an experiment of Camnitzer method through writing collectively and debate.



Conceptualism in Latin American art didactics of liberation by Luis Camnitzer.

The Tupamaros by MohamedAbdelkarim on Scribd